2015 Easter Bunny Sessions are here!

OOOOH we are excited! Our most anticipated sessions are finally here! We love Bunnies!


Okay, here’s the details… Our Limited Edition Bunny Sessions will be our usual 15 minute long mini session. You will receive an online gallery of 10-15 edited images to select from. Bunny sessions are so fun and perfect for anyone! They are very popular with kids of any age, especially babies celebrating their first spring/easter season. We just ask that babies are at least 4 months old, or comfortably holding their head up unassisted.

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Now on a side note, we hear a lot of chatter in the photography community every year about using live animals in photo shoots, so I want to address a few points and explain what to expect from our Bunny Sessions at DianeH Photography:

  • Every spring, blog posts fly all over Facebook and online about how offering photo sessions with live animals is considered inhumane and potentially dangerous. While we (sadly) have no doubt that all rabbits may not be treated as they should by photography studios, please rest assured that our bunnies are SO loved from the minute they come to the studio, until they return home.
  • Our bunnies are purchased or borrowed from responsible and reputable breeders. We communicate with them ing great details regarding the bunnies temperament and health. We do not use bunnies who are not tolerant to being handled by small hands.
  • During our Bunny Sessions, there is always a full-time “bunny person”. Her entire job is to make sure bunnies are handled gently and positioned correctly. Bunnies are rotated throughout the day so they aren’t “working” too much.
  • Now, on the topic of “dangerous”, all of our Bunny Session clients are required to read and sign a release stating that there will be live animals at the shoot and, as with any animal, there is potential for a scratch or a bite if a bunny is held. (Just for the record, this has never happened….) Parents who are worried about this, but still want a bunny session can opt to have their little ones photographed near our bunnies but not holding or touching them.  Also, when a child seems unsure, scared, or if there is a potential harm to the bunny, we make the decision and pose the bunny so the child can’t see the bunny, but the camera can. (Yes, we have lots of tricks to keep safety top of our list. It’s all about common sense, people.
  • Finally, we’ve spoken with and received approval from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and are a fully-licensed and insured business.
So in other words… we offer our bunny sessions in a responsible and experienced manner. 🙂
– – – – –

These sessions are LIMITED EDITION and usually sell out very quickly. If you’re hoping to grab one of these coveted Limited Edition Easter Sessions, email us NOW at jill@dianehphotography.com, or click CONTACT at the top right of this page.
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