Sun Shine-y Day

Little Bryson and his Momma, Liz, came all the way from Bemidji Minnesota to see me. Well… we met in Minneapolis 🙂 I met Liz on an online mommy board for July 2010 babies. The group started when we were all pregnant. We’ve helped each other through pregnancy craziness, the birth of our babies, newborn sleepless nights, and many of the relationships have grown through our babies first year! I was so excited to know I’d have a few Mommies close-ish when we moved to Minnesota this past year. I feel so honored that Liz chose me to photograph such a special milestone for Bryson! I feel like I’ve watched him grow up from afar, and now I’m able to give them a little something special 🙂

The sun was pretty harsh, but we searched for shade everywhere we could! Bryson was a trooper… and walking EVERYWHERE!!!!

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