Build A Library Baby Boy Baby Shower {Kansas City, Missouri Baby Shower Photographer}

Oh goodie! I’m just so excited to share this post with y’all! I absolutely LOVE creating party decor, and will take any opportunity I can. I mean, why not make everything pretty, ya know? It makes cute pictures, it’s helps with the ambiance, and it’s just my way of putting the cherry on top (the cherry is ALWAYS the best part…. we ALL know that, right?!). If party decor was a  “Love Language”, it would be mine for sure!

A little side note/shameless plug: because I love party decor SO MUCH, I help design party printables on the side. I custom design for YOUR party! Message me if you want to chat more about what we can do for your party! 🙂

For this shower, I got to team up with the Mom-To-Be’s BFF from her childhood. Team up the childhood BFF (that’s Lauren… woot woot, shout out!) + the college BFF (ahem, that’s me!) = what some may call “over-the-top”… but we didn’t care! We had a blast, and it was the perfect shower for our BFF!

Okay now, on to the cuteness…

The theme just sort of created itself, and I must say, I LOVE IT! Build-A-Library Baby Boy Shower…. coming right up!


Let’s start with the decor, shall we?
Everything was created with paper. Paper, paper, and more paper. We just took a trip to Goodwill and bought about $10 worth of classic children’s books. It was hard to take the scissors to the books at first, but I got over it pretty quick once the cuteness started coming together.
Banner: just drew/cut triangles from books, printed the circles and letters on my printer at home, add a little ribbon across the top, doubled-sided tape, and viola!
Accordian Paper Circles: again, these were made out of pages of books. The larger ones were made from 12×12 pages of scrapbook paper. I could go into detail about how I made these, but here’s a really great tutorial from that does the trick ( ). They are super cute and easy! You just need paper & a hot glue pen.
Tissue Paper Wreath: I just love this little wreath, and you could use the idea in so many different ways! Door decor, table centerpieces, mantle decor… the list goes on! Here is a great little tutorial for the wreath ( )

Next Up, FOOD!
We didn’t want to go with the typical traditional baby shower food, so instead, since our Momma-to-be said “I could have McDonalds and I would be happy”…. we decided, to go for the next best thing!

The Cake! We carried on the theme to the cake too. We had the words  “I’ll Love You Forever, I’ll Like You For Always, As Long As I’m Living, My Baby You’ll Be” written on the cake, and the cake stand was actually a stack of books!
Cake Topper: The tiny banner as the cake topper was super simple! Two popsicle sticks, twine (or string… whatever you have lying around), permanent marker, and more book page scraps. We just cut the paper into the shape of a diamond, folded it over the twine, and glue! These were really tiny… probably the size of my thumb!
We weren’t sure if we would have enough cake, so we threw some cupcakes in too to add color to the table 🙂
Baby’s Library: On the invitation, we asked guests to bring a children’s book in lieu of a card. This was probably my favorite part of the shower! It made a perfect display too! Oh, and if you’re curious about the frame, they are from My Redhead Designs. I’m a vendor, so message me for pricing info! They come in a variety of shape and colors, and are soooo cute!

A little break for something fun…. THE GAME!
Of course, it had to go along with the book/library theme, so we found a game to guess the names of children’s books. We ended up playing the game as intermission during all the gifts. I love giving a little break during gift opening to grab a drink or slice of cake! If you love any of these printables, just message me… my etsy shop is still under construction 🙂

And the final touch… the favor! I love when the favor is useful AND coordinates with the shower!
We went for something simple….. a book mark! Just a cute paper clip, a strip of cute fabric, and hot glue gun! 🙂 They are super adorable!
We attached them to a card I designed that matched the rest of the shower decor. It looks like a library card… super cute!

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into this super fun Build-A-Library Baby Shower! Can’t wait to share more showers and party printables with y’all int he future!

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