{Chatfield, Mn} Whalen Family Photos

Sorry for the REALLY late sneak peak post. Thank goodness for my facebook page, huh? {yes, that was a shameless plug for my facebook page}. My website has been locking me out for several weeks now, and I’ve felt totally naked not being able to update the blog! So though I’ve appeared MIA, I am really like a little Ninga and getting things done left and right!

Okay SO, back to the Whalen family….. ahhh yes, we had so much fun! We were so excited to get shots in the pretty park with the pretty trees. BUT, wouldn’t you know, it rained that night before, and the beautiful blooms feel off (again!). I have really had bad luck with blooming trees this year! We had fun without the trees though (in your face, trees!). It forced us to get creative, and we found a few neat walls around town.

I had a few personal embarrassing moments during this session too {those are for us to know, and you to wonder about. Muahahaha}… and THAT is why I love that I can become friends with all my families!

Thanks again for a great evening. Y’all are so fun!!


How fun are they??One of my new favorite shots. So relaxed… and those eyes!

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