{Texas Mini} Fort Worth Stockyards

I went back home to Texas for a couple of weeks to visit family and celebrate our daughters 1st birthday! It felt like a quick trip, but it was so fun being able to squeeze in a few sessions while we were home. I love being able to share this business in multiple states. Makes me sound more important, right?! HA! I will gladly go back to Texas for a few photoshoots, so if you’re wanting me there, just send me a message! As soon as I have 3-5 interested around the same time… I’m a-comin!

Anyways, here is the Coast Family. Aren’t they just so flipping beautiful! Julie (aka Mom) and I were friends in high school on the dance team. I should have known she would raise a daughter that is just as beautiful as she is! It was so great getting to see y’al!!



Next up, Rachel & family! I can tell this group has a lot of fun together. I think someone was cracking a joke the entire time. I had a blast with y’all, and could have gone on and on with so many fun ideas!!! Next time for SURE! Rachel is another one of my high school dance team friends! We dancers sure know how to make cute kiddos (wink wink)! And seriously, the big ‘ol pink bow, just MADE the pics!!



Now, this is where facebook comes in handy! I had a last minute unfortunate cancellation due to a family emergency, so facebook to the rescue! A few quick status update, and BAM! First come first serve, an old coworker friend, Kailee, dresses the kiddos and drives 30+ minutes to make the session! We were cut short (due to the getting ready and driving and all), but luckily, her two kiddos are professional models or something (hehe jk), because they were posing left and right and eatin’ it UP!! Thank you SO much for being so incredibly flexible, Kailee! I’m glad it worked out, and I got to see you! Too bad MY Kaylee wasn’t along too!



And last but not least, one of my BFFs/Tri Delta big sis/bridesmaid, Blythe! She drove all the way from Plano to come see me… I mean, have her family pictures taken! hehe… I guess I use this as a great excuse to see friends, and create something memorable for them in return. It really IS what I love about what I do. So they definitely fought the heat! It was getting close to noon in July in Texas… so we were all sweating! I think they still look pretty dang cute though!

Oh, and one to grow on… yes that’s me, folks! 🙂 I think I might start make this a tradition!

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