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I love ALL of my clients, I promise I do… but I have a soft spot for my newborn clients. It’s inevitable after spending 3+ hours together during a session that we will chat and find SOMETHING in common, but it’s more than that. My newborn clients are constantly helping me remember why it is so important to stay up on the latest photography trends while still staying classic, why to get proper training and education on newborn safety and posing, and most importantly… even when things are chaotic and you can’t soothe a crying baby as quickly as we would wish, THIS is when we need to slow down, and REFOCUS on the beautiful details that are right in front of us. Those adorable tiny toes, the flaky baby skin, the squishy baby lips (my weakness), those gassy newborn smiles… all of this fades away into our memories so quickly and easily forgotten. This is a time in our childs life (and our own) that we think we will never forget, yet we can never get it back.

Even after all the sleepless nights, tantrum-throwing toddlers, and the smarter-than-us teenagers, these photographs are the same ones that make us stop in our tracks, reflect, and REFOCUS. This is part of why my newborns are so special to me. They each help me remember to REFOCUS in my own life, too.

All of “my” newborns are so special to me. There is something about the new love on the parents face when they come into my studio, and the gaze in their eyes while they watch their new baby peacefully sleep through being posed for their very first portraits… it makes all the hours poured into this job well worth every bit of it. It is my honor to have been able to help turn this fleeting time in your life into a piece of art you’ll treasure forever!


AND NOW… for the fun part!

Throughout the year, I’m constantly sharing my photographs all over social media on Facebook, my website, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. So as we take the time to reflect on 2014, and refocus on 2015, we decided to tally up all of our TOP LIKED PHOTOGRAPHS OF 2014!
(Now of course, we believe ALL of our newborn clients are the “best”, and are all equally adorable. This was just a way to see how we are doing in the social media world, and have a little fun with it.)

Please help us vote for a photograph to title the BEST NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPH of 2014!

1 milestone photo shoot ($100 value)
tabletop brag book ($175 value)
$50 print credit
session spotlight on website
1 milestone photo shoot to share with a friend who voted ($100 value)
TOTAL VALUE of $425!

Everyone who votes will receive a gift in the mail from us!


#1 Jaidyn

#2 Mallory

#3 Teddy & Harry

#4 Rafe

#5 Gracie

#6 Olivia

#7 Bryndle

#8 Blake

#9 Hudson M

#10 Hudson J


Contest Ends January 30th, at midnight



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