Family of 18, Please!

I just love the idea of getting the WHOLE family together for a session… and I mean, the WHOLE family! I love looking back at my own family pictures as a kid with grandparents, cousins, aunts, the whole works! Usually, I spend most of the time laughing at how horrible our hair was, or why on EARTH I would only wear XL tshirts to my knees (that’s a whole other issue!)… but I digress… which brings me back to the Whole Dowe Family! Ya see, they did it smart! Instead of cramming everyone in a corner of the living room, with a point and shoot camera on a 10 second timer propped against the living room lamp stacked under 3 dvd cases to get it level (or worse, kick the uncle out to take the picture!)… they took an hour to get cute, invite me over, and run outside!

This is such a fun bunch, I could have stayed all evening! Thank y’all so so much for allowing me to come photograph your entire family. I realize it’s difficult to get the entire family together. Thanks for letting me crash your evening together, and hopefully these are memories and photos your family can treasure forever 🙂

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