Hello Again!

You may recognize Gillian as our “Baby G” from the Bunnies & Babies Easter Mini this past spring! Well, they were back in town, and I got to see them again 🙂 Her hair has grown soooo-so much! And her curls! Oh goodness, she is cute! I’ll tell ya though, with this age, it’s important to have “back up”. Ya know… someone/something they find hilarious for some reason that will make them stop still in their tracks. Gillians cousin was DEFINITELY our backup plan, and it worked wonders 🙂 I love that we got all sides of her little personality in this session. We got to see her play and be a kid, we got serious expressions, happy expressions, and ROFL (aka rolling on the floor laughing) expressions!

Thanks for coming to see me again! She just gets cuter and cuter! 🙂

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