Let It Go {Minnesota Child Frozen Photographer}

When we went to Disney World earlier this year, Kaylee was so excited to meet all of the princesses…. the highlight of her trip was meeting Anna and Elsa from the movie, Frozen. Long story short, Elsa touched Kaylee without her gloves on! {GASP!}… now I’m an adult and realize that Elsa doesn’t need her gloves anymore, but try explaining that to a 3 year old who just got TOUCHED BY ELSA WITHOUT GLOVES {gasp again…}

From that moment on (it’s been a few months), Kaylee truly believes in her little 3 year old heart, that Elsa gave her the frozen powers…
Things get pretty dramatic around our house with these powers just flying around….

So, fast forward to this week….. the last two days of April in Minnesota…. it snows! LIKE A LOT! SO I (the photographer Mommy) grabbed the Elsa dress, my camera, and “Elsa” for a quick photo shoot…. where she was allowed to “Let It Go”… and now I’m finally starting to believe her that she has frozen powers 😉





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